Tell the Federal Government: We need a wealth tax in Budget 2022!

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The cost of living is skyrocketing. Many of us are stressed about the rising cost of groceries, bills, and keeping a roof over our heads. But not everyone is struggling — the rich are getting richer.1,2,3

The federal government is putting together the 2022 budget as we speak — and they want to hear from the public.4 The more of us who demand a wealth tax, the more likely they are to include it in the budget.

With your help, we’ll flood the budget consultation with thousands of personalized messages in support of a wealth tax — and we’ll also plaster the most powerful ones onto a flashy billboard van and take your message right to Parliament. Send a message now.
Talking points:
  • Personal story: if you’re struggling financially, or you’re super-rich and want to pay more taxes, or you’ve been impacted by wealth inequality in another way — your story matters.
  • Regular Canadians are struggling to make ends meet while the rich get richer. This kind of grotesque inequality has no place here. We need a wealth tax to make the rich pay their fair share.
  • We could raise much-needed billions and invest in our social safety net or a just transition away from fossil fuels, and fund a basic income.
  • Economists, opposition parties, and a majority of Canadians support a wealth tax. It’s a reasonable, fair and common sense approach to reducing skyrocketing inequality.
  • I urge you to keep your campaign promise to tax the rich and include a wealth tax in the budget. We can build a fairer economy by taxing the rich, taxing excess profits, and closing tax loopholes.

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ou can use talking points provided but your personal story will go a long way. We’ll also share the most powerful messages on a billboard right outside Parliament.

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