Ban Winter Evictions and Protect Tenants

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In the middle of winter — and a deadly pandemic — thousands of people across the country are at risk of being evicted from their homes.1,2

At the onset of COVID-19, provincial governments implemented temporary eviction bans but those have all expired— leaving tenants vulnerable to evictions in the freezing cold.3

Despite incredible work from frontline tenant advocates and housing organizations, provincial governments are dragging their feet on extending their evictions ban for the winter months.4,5 And with renters across the country facing an “eviction blitz”, there’s no time to wait for a patchwork approach from the provinces. 6,7

That's why we're calling on the federal government to implement a nation-wide evictions ban for the winter — so people can stay home to save lives. A massive petition to Prime Minister Trudeau and the Minister responsible for housing, Ahmed Hussen, could help convince them to implement an evictions ban across the country.

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Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Hussen and Premiers

Implement a nationwide ban on winter evictions to protect tenants.

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